For a low budget movie this survival thriller packs a decent bite! With a very simple story there was still quite enough intense moments to keep you invested in its one hour and twenty seven min duration. And for a film with a small cast (very small), keeping the audience’s attention can be hard to pull off, but thanks to one big scary Great White Shark this thriller managed to do just that. And of course the human element has to be there which the lead actress of the film brought with emotion.


Blake Lively (Nancy) is a character that is easy to like and will have you invested in her and her survival. Played with intensity and just enough emotion, Blake Lively keeps the thrills real and the suspense high! In 1975 Jaws made people afraid to go into the water, although this film isn’t by any means on that level, it does hold its own when it comes to the horror of being attacked by a Great White. Which brings me to the main fun of the movie!


All the moments featuring the Shark were intense and handled pretty good. This was needed as the story had nothing really special to it. The special effects looked real and even though there wasn’t many, it did satisfy by the third and final act of the film. A final showdown between Nancy and The Great White Shark was entertaining and fun! For a film with a small budget it was worth the ticket price, but make no mistake, this is no summer block buster! A decent film, especially if your looking to kill some time!

Tag It & Bag It”                     7/10