Film Title: Warcraft
(L to R) Orc chieftain Durotan (TOBY KEBBELL) leads his Frostwolf Clan alongside his second-in-command, Orgrim (ROB KAZINSKY), in Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures’ “Warcraft,” an epic adventure of world-colliding conflict based on Blizzard Entertainment’s global phenomenon.

When it comes to Video Game movie adaptations there has never been a successful film, leading many to believe that when it comes to these movies there is a “curse”! Unfortunately I have never played the World of Warcraft game and therefore in my review I can make no comparison. What I will do however is review this as the standalone fantasy genre film that it is. With that being said, “Does this movie break the video game movie curse”? lets find out.


Everything about the Orc’s in this film is fantastic! The different characters, which only a handful get a somewhat in depth look at, are simply intriguing. The look and tone of the orc’s is great, from there bulky size to there war torn look. The character of Durotan leader of the Frostwolf orc clan, along with his second in command Orgrim (pictured above) are two of the stand out characters of the film (especially Durotan)! The special effects and motion capture of the Orc’s is fantastic, whether on there dying planet of Draenor or invading the human world of Azeroth, not enough can be said of the stunning visuals of the Orc’s and locations.


Other honorable mentions of great Orc characters are Gul’dan (evil warlock), Draka (durotan’s wife), Blackhand (gul’dans bodyguard). Even characters like that of Garona played by Paula Patton (pictured above) who is half Orc and half human are a stand out in the film. She is a major player in the connection between Orc and Humans even though the love story may seem to develop out of nowhere. With many “side stories” director Duncan Jones did do a great job weaving so many subplots into one cohesive story line. My one big problem with this film was in the casting!


When it came to the human side of this film the casting was extremely off for some reason. Dominic Cooper, who I love in everything else I’ve seen him in, just didn’t fit the role of King Liane Wrynn. Ben Foster (who is a well respected actor) was surprisingly bad in this movie! Again I blame the casting decision here, as him playing Medivh a sorcerer supreme character just seemed off. With the exception of Anduin Lothar played by Travis Fimmel (pictured above) the rest of the supporting cast either didn’t work or gave just a mediocre performance. It seemed to take away just enough to keep this from becoming one great fantasy film. A fantasy film with monstrous Orc’s, Wizards, Warlocks, magic and filled with action, it still was enough to satisfy the fans of summer blockbusters. So did it break the video game movie curse, its domestic box office numbers says no. Did it please the fans of the World of Warcraft game? Well only the true fans of the game can answer that…

“Tag It & Bag It”                        8/10