“Its the 4th of July, so lets show them some fireworks”!… This is the type of cringe inducing dialogue you will have to suffer thru when watching what some are calling, Independence Day: Regurgence. Before I begin to bad mouth this embarrassment, let me start by saying that this review is just my opinion of the movie and maybe there are some people out there who enjoyed this film (probably with the help of a large bag of weed), and that’s totally fine. I however, feel that this type of film are why some people hate action movies! This horrible cheese fest had dialogue so bad it literally had me squirming around in my seat, embarrassed that someone might see me and wonder why I haven’t walked out of the theater! The first 30 minutes or so start out fine with lots of nods to the original and the appearance of returning cast members. What follows after that is a snow ball effect of what turns out to be a giant stinky ball of cheese!


Not only do cast members return, but there same old speeches return with them (with a lot less motivation)! The film is full of bad acting, bad directing, horrible dialogue (I cant stress that enough) and a story line full of plot holes that makes no sense at all. Directed by Roland Emmerich who has been on a role with bad stinkers, this movie is no different and he does not seem to care. Before I move onto the only two good things I liked about the film, I have to mention one bad character that’ll leave you shaking your head in disbelief.


This guy! Lets just call him Rambo-2099 (comic book fans should know why). This character who is a cross between Rambo and Black Panther minus all the cool stuff, seemed to come straight out of a bad 80’s B-movie! With Rambo-2099 and all the humor in the movie, I believe Roland Emmerich targeted audience was elementary aged school kids. Never have I seen humor fall on its face this bad. Anyways, on to the positives in the movie (this wont take long).


Its obvious that all the time, focus and money went into the special effects of this film! Yes, this movie is visually stunning with really good CGI. Also, there was some good action lightly sprinkled throughout the film. These weren’t long drawn out action scenes but small nuggets of action that, due to the rest of the garbage, only had me slightly lift an eyebrow in excitement. There are some movies that you can enjoy by “shutting off your brain”, unfortunately this movie robs you of that choice for it will shut off your brain for you and even then its not enough. This movie in my opinion has a zero re-watchability, and even if you are one of those people who enjoyed it, its one of those movies that you will watch 5 years down the line and think to yourself, “What the hell did I see in this movie”!…

“Tag It & Bag It”              3/10