The X-men franchise has come along way from its very first movie back in 2000. It can be credited for starting the comic book superhero genre. X-men Apocalypse is the latest in the X-men franchise and it definitely has amped up its good action superhero fun! Introducing new characters to its roster, all of which were done very well, this latest movie really delivered on most levels. Facing one of the most dangerous villains in the X-men universe, Apocalypse is a fan favorite among the comic book Sweaties! So let me get into this and point out lots of good things and just two things that bugged me about the film.


The new characters introduced were all done well and seemed to be pulled out right from the comics! One of my favorites was that of Psylocke (Olivia Munn) who had just enough screen time to really impress me. From the use of her powers to the very look and feel, she was one of my favorites by far. Being a fan of Olivia Munn from way back in her G4 days, it was really nice to see her land this role! She’s a Gamer and some what of a comic book Sweatie herself and that made it even more special. Her acting is improving with each new role she plays, whether in a comic book movie or a horror film (Deliver Us From Evil 2014) she is really coming into her own.


Let me just mention really quick another character that really seemed that they plucked from the comics book pages. Jubilee (Lana Condor) was casting perfection in my opinion, unfortunately she has very little screen time. But every glimpse of her on screen had me wanting more. Hopefully she’ll be playing a bigger part in a future X-men movie (like Deadpool 2)! Not enough can be stressed about the look of all the characters, from Nightcrawler to Angel to the new Storm sporting a throw back look, Mohawk and all. All this plus great action made this a lot of fun. Not to mention another Quicksilver scene that was just as good if not better then his X-men Days of Futures Past prison break scene. With all this goodness there were two things that bugged me.


Magneto, played again by Michael Fassbender, did a wonderful job acting. Giving a very emotional performance and just bringing it in the acting department. My problem with him was in the use of his powers and being a “servant” of Apocalypse! Any X-men fan knows that Magneto would bow to no one, yet they played that same old story of the “picking sides” dilemma that they’ve played out with him in my opinion. Also, a scene where he creates a magnetic force field for no apparent reason! Not to spoil too much, but this was a crucial scene.


My last little gripe was in the use of Apocalypse and the unbalanced use of his powers. One superhero sin in making a good villain is in over powering them. Most fans had a problem with the way he looked, I did not. What I did mind was that unbalance of power. When he first begins his path of destruction we see him display great power making quick work of most in his way. Later in another crucial moment, those powers are not seen again. If anyone saw that last Fantastic 4 movie this was the same problem they made with Doctor Doom. By no means am I comparing this movie to Fantastic 4, just pointing out that important detail. This is a much superior film by far! So much in fact that all the good out weigh the small amount of bad. And after a second viewing I enjoyed it even more! If your looking for some good action and superhero fun, give this movie a shot, its well worth it.

“Tag It & Bag It”                        9/10