Doctor Stephen Strange is a well known Neurosurgeon who, after a terrible car accident, is left with badly damaged hands and unable to perform what once came second nature to him. After several failed medical procedures Strange is left with little hope and even less money. Left only with his same egotistical personality, Strange embarks on a journey of healing only to find himself immersed in the world of mystic arts. A world of sorcerers and dimensions far beyond anything he has ever believed in!


Dr. Strange does what all movies try and do and that’s make you care about the characters. From Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) you do feel for these characters and the emotional drama, all set up in the first act of the film. Director Scott Derrickson does a good job of establishing a strong connection to the main  characters early on in the film. Origin stories usually have a slow burn to them and can take up most of the first half of the film, if not more. Dr. Strange has a really nice flow and still keeps a strong character development especially with its main lead. Acting is what you’d expect from its impressive cast, from Cumberbatch and McAdams to Mads Mikkelsen and Chiwetel Ejiofor, all put out good performances. On par with the acting was the special effects, not enough can be said when it comes to the mind trip the visual effects sends you on. Some of it may have looked like that of the movie Inception but it still never felt imitatious. Whether in the dark dimension or at the sanctum of The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), you really get the feeling of these mystical realms. Only negatives I had with this film was in its humor, some of it hit its mark while most of it fell short.


Tilda Swinton as the ancient one got a lot of controversy for the role, but I really enjoyed her. Her ability to convey emotions through pure subtle facial expressions is a talent not many actors have! Is she good, is she bad, she keeps you wondering all while feeling her pain. For a origin story it never felt stagnant, the pacing of the film was great. Although it had some bad comedy relief moments this was a good movie for a lesser known Marvel character. With mind blowing special effects this film is another win for the MCU, a low 8 for this connected universe.

SCORE:                      8/10