2016 was a year full of good movies, from beloved animated movies like Zootopia (pictured above), down to intense dramas, and of course your action blockbuster popcorn flicks of the summer. Yes, 2016 was full of movie goodness, but along with this bunch comes with it your bad apples as well! Here I compiled a list of all the movies I saw this year, “The Good – The Bad – and The Ugly”… A total of 42 movies (so don’t worry, it wont take too long) all of which I saw on the big screen with an exception of a few that I watched on one of the many streaming services out there. I will start with the worst of 2016, then the most disappointing movies to me (in my opinion), followed by my most favorite films of 2016. I must mention that there were plenty of films that I wanted to see but just never got around to it. So if your favorite is not on the list, don’t attack me in the comments section, for its simply because I did not see it. So without any further ado, lets get into my worst of 2016!


Gods of Egypt (pictured above) has to be my most worst movie of 2016. I cant think of any other film that completely wasted 2 hours and 6 minutes of my life more then this heap of colorful garbage. This film stars Gerard Butler, an actor who I actually like, but why he chooses to pick these stink bombs is beyond me. Not even all the colorful special effects could save this disaster, if you missed this one be grateful. Number 2 worst movie of 2016 is the abomination of, “Independence Day: Resurgence”! another wonderful special effects failure. If it wasn’t for the special effects eye candy and some okay action scenes this film would be first on my list, another 2 hour waste of time that gets laughs for all the wrong reasons. One other honorable mention before I move on is, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. With names like Eva Green, Samuel L. Jackson and Tim Burton, you’d think your in for a treat right? Wrong! Its 2 hours and 7 minutes of story with no clue of where its going. Okay, next lets get into some anticipated films that unfortunately just didn’t turn out well.


One of my most disappointing films is, “The 5th Wave” (pictured above) which has one of my most liked actresses, Chloe Grace Moretz. A fan of this young actress since she dawned the superhero suit of Hit Girl! This is the main reason I was hoping this movie would be good but it just had too many issues. Maybe it was targeted for a particular audience ( like teens) but it just wasn’t for me. Number 2 on this section is the remake, “Point Break”. I was a fan of the original and was hoping for good things with this modern take on the famous “presidential bank robbers”. Instead this version lacked the adrenaline and chemistry that the first one had, missing the mark by a mile! One last honorable mention is “Warcraft”, a video game movie adaptation that fell victim to the curse of bad video game movies. In its defense, its not a completely bad movie, but I was expecting a lot more from this film! Now on to my most favorite of 2016.


The Witch (pictured above) is my most favorite film of 2016 hands down! I was so surprised by this horror film, not at all what I was expecting. Its not your typical flashy jump scare horror movie that we are all used to. This film scares you with its creepy tone, a very atmospheric film with a slow burn that keeps you feeling uneasy through its 1 hour and 32 minute duration. This in my opinion is a must see for any horror fan! Second on my favorite list is of course “Captain America: Civil War! This is my childhood being brought to life on the big screen, and it ranks in my top 3 superhero films of all time. Not enough can be said of Civil War, I really enjoyed that film. The honorable mention in this category has to be, “The Edge of Seventeen”. Another film that took me by surprise with its subtle humor and relatable story material. A film that I think a lot of audience members can relate to and enjoy, if not for the material, then for it just being a very solid film. Lets round up this 2016 film review.


I could go on for hours about all the films I saw and didn’t mention like Deepwater Horizon (pictured above), some good and some not so good. Whatever the verdict maybe, 2016 set the bar high for 2017. Do not worry though, this year has a lineup very impressive, to which some trailers have gave us a glimpse to. Here is the rest of the movies I saw in 2016 that were not mentioned,

Star Trek: Beyond / Rogue One: A Star Wars Story /  Doctor Strange / The Forest / The Revenant / Deadpool / 10 Cloverfield Lane / Batman V. Superman / The Shallows / The BFG / The Accountant / Hacksaw Ridge / Suicide Squad / The Jungle Book / Hell or High Water  / The Legend of Tarzan / X-Men: Age of Apocalypse / 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi / The Magnificent Seven / The Finest Hours / The Conjuring 2 / The Choice / Triple 9 / Huntsman / Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising / Lights Out / Central Intelligence / Desierto / The Boy / Don’t Breathe / Kickboxer: Vengeance

Have you seen any of these films and if so, which do you believe should have made the list. Better still, which movies did I not see that you might highly recommend! I’d love to hear from you movie lovers who enjoy watching movies as much as I do. So with 2016 out of the way lets head on into 2017 with high hopes, for its packed with potentially awesome movies! And until then, “See You At The Movies”…