Jim Preston and Aurora Lane are two passenger on a spacecraft on route to a distant colony planet, who are awakened early from there hibernation pods due to a ship malfunction. All alone and stranded on the ship, Jim must face the fact that they have awakened 90 years too early. Dealing with the guilt of a bad moral decision Jim soon realizes that there’s more to worry about as the ship starts to show signs of a far more dangerous problem.


Passengers is a fresh take on the Sci-Fi genre with its nice blend of drama and romance added to this space adventure. Chris Pratt (Jim Preston) and Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora Lane) are simply fantastic together! I was surprised by Pratt’s performance here as he showed a little more depth then I’ve ever seen him do. Jennifer Lawrence shows us here why she is a multi award winning actress, pulling off one hell of a performance. Director Morten Tyldum took his time telling this original story and captures every moment to its fullest potential. Creating a realistic setting with beautiful shots, the special effects here are awe inspiring. It really makes the viewer ask, “What would I do in that situation”, and that makes for a really intriguing film.


Is this movie scientifically accurate, who knows, I’m no scientist. But it does a really good job with it and that was just one aspect of this film that I enjoyed! With the great performance from its two lead stars, this movie had little to no negatives for me. Other then a tree that just bugged me, there were not very many moments that took me out of this well acted and well directed film. With enough intense moments surrounded by visually stunning shots this movie was a delight to see, making it a high 9 in my opinion!

SCORE:                 9/10