Kristen Stewart plays Cole, a quiet army soldier who is trying to escape the dull routine and suffocation of living in a small town. Instead of a tour in Iraq, she is shipped off to Guantanamo Bay, a temporary detention camp. Met with hatred and abuse from the Muslim men imprisoned on the camp, she also finds herself dealing with the abuse from fellow commanding soldiers. When finding kindness from the most unlikely person, she is met with more hostility from her peers as she befriends a prisoner. But is her knew friend worth the extra grief, or is he hiding his true intensions.


Kristen Stewart (Cole) and Peyman Moaadi (Ali) both do fairly well here. Peyman has less screen time but every second with him is great! Kristen Stewart performance is not that good but for a movie that puts a heavy acting load on her, she does manage to pull it off just enough. For a rookie director Peter Sattler does an average job here giving the film just enough emotion and character development while steady pacing the 1hr and 57min run time. The only stand out performance of the film was that of Peyman Moaadi who again, doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time. All other aspects of the movie are average and it does manage to keep your attention which pays off at the end with a very satisfying ending.


This film is nothing special yet I found myself invested to the very end! It manages to somehow pull you in with its main story plot and characters, which there isn’t many of. This movie has a heavy load for its lead actress and if you can get passed Kristen Stewarts typical trademark facial expressions of eye blinking and shy awkward pauses (which she made famous in her Twilight series), then you might enjoy it even more. Even though there’s nothing too special about this drama its not a bad film, and I would recommend it to any one who is a fan of Stewart. A mediocre film that is a surprising high 6!

SCORE:                 6/10