After attending a birthday party at a local mall Casey Cooke and two other girls from the party get kidnapped. Awaking in a strange basement like room the three girls find out that there captor suffers from a unique personality disorder. With 24 distinct personalities the girls must find help from one of these personalities before the one known as “The Beast” comes out. Once learning that The Beast is coming for them and of the plans he has, the girls must find a way out at any cost!


Directed by M. Night Shyamalan this suspense thriller really ranks up there with the best in the genre! A suspense thriller with a hint of horror, M. Night Shyamalan pulls you in with his engaging story telling and adding a sense of mystery with his directorial style. Great acting from the cast also added to the magic captured here with really likable characters, even those of Benny/Kevin/Patricia/Hedwig/Dennis (James McAvoy). James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy (Casey Cooke) are the heart and soul of this film! Both leads here pull of a performance that makes this thriller a winner. Especially that of James McAvoy who pulls off an incredible performance of making you believe in all of his personalities. A great performance that without, would spell disaster for this film. Not enough can be said of the two lead actors of this movie!


Along with these two incredible performances is M. Night Shyamalan, who after a long run of bad flops, has established himself once again! I liked his last film The Visit which got a warm reception from audiences, but I loved Split! And if your familiar with Shyamalan’s work you know he’s famous for his “Twist” endings. To keep this spoiler free I cannot get into what the twist is, but rest assured its a jaw dropper!!! This twist hits you like a left hook you never saw coming. Yes, Shyamalan is back, and with this latest installment to his film collection, I will anxiously be awaiting his next movie. Split is not a 10 for its lengthy run time but make no mistake, this film is a high 9!

SCORE:                     9/10