Based on true events this is the story of Christine Chubbuck, a 1970’s TV Reporter struggling with depression. Frustrated as she fails in trying to advance her career and under pressure in keeping with the companies new policy of reporting more gritty “blood and guts” stories, the danger signs begin to show. Christine’s live TV broadcast leaves her friends and family in shock, along with all the viewers watching that day!


Rebecca Hall (Christine Chubbuck) puts out one powerful performance here! Along with solid acting from the supporting cast, this film’s strength lies solely in its performances. Unfortunately it falls short in all other areas. Director Antonio Campos fails to capture the tense tone that a true story like this should have. Campos captures the differences between the news policy of “juicy” stories and Christine Chubbuck’s more intelligent dialogue driven interviews. However, Chubbucks’s “boring” news reporting style also transfers over to the films story itself, with such a slow pace the story grows stale and never really recovers. This is a sad example where good acting and a strong performance is drowned out by bad story telling and directing that under performs.


With out a doubt Rebecca Hall is fantastic, giving a very strong performance she is the highlight of this film! Unfortunately all other aspects of the film fall short and makes for a grueling 2 hour movie. Antonio Campos fails to bring this shocking true story to the screen and catching any emotion to a depressing story that has potential. Sadly this film is a high 4.

SCORE:                    4/10