Documentary/Biography about Leonard Nimoy and his portrayal of Spock from the Star Trek TV show and movies. An examination of one of the most iconic characters and a deep look into the wonderful actor who played him.


This documentary is directed by Adam Nimoy, the son of actor Leonard Nimoy which really adds a personal feel to it with real emotion. A collective piece of interviews, scenes and clips, both of the show and Leonard’s personal family life. With interviews from the new Star Trek cast like Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, just to name a few, you really get a good insight to the appeal of the enduring character of Spock. We also get members of the original cast as well, who all add a deep understanding of not only the character of Spock but of Leonard Nimoy himself. The real emotion comes from his family and this makes it special, giving it a heartwarming touch. Adam Nimoy not only directs this biography but also gets in front of the camera and talks about his own sensitive relationship with his father. This is a really nice look into Spock and the man who played him!


When Adam pitched the idea of making a Spock documentary for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary to his father, Leonard Nimoy was all for it. But when Leonard passed away in 2015 Adam decided to focus not only on Spock but of his father as well. And what we get is a truly special life story of a fictional character who’s life left a stamp on pop culture for over 50 years! This just aint for hard core Trekkers, its for anyone who wants to know about one of the longest running franchises in film history. A pop culture phenomenon that spawned one of the most iconic characters who’s universal greeting is burned into our history and minds. A wonderful documentary told not only by actors who new him, but by fans that connected with Spock, who inspired thousands around the world. Yes, For The Love Of Spock truly translates why so many have, a love of Star Trek!

SCORE:                   10/10