The Umbrella Corporation is the cause of a worldwide zombie out break that has spread the dangerous T-virus globally. Alice returns to Raccoon City to stop the Umbrella Corp. who has now gathered there remaining forces where it all began, The Hive! Determined to stop Umbrella on there final strike against the only  remaining survivors, Alice bands together with a small group for a last showdown against the undead and the Corporation that started it all.


Milla Jovovich returns as Alice Marcus who again brings that toughness and fierceness to her character we’ve grown to love (or not). Also returning to the franchise is Ali Larter (Claire Redfield), unfortunately all other returning characters were played by new actors/actresses. Also familiar to the franchise is director Paul W.S. Anderson who started this franchise and directed several of the sequels. With not much story here Anderson directs the action scenes pretty well with the exception of the “shaky-cam” fight sequences that leave you in wonder to who’s hitting who! The acting was good enough, again, with little to the story it doesn’t require great performances to pull this popcorn flick off. It pulls off the horror well with cheap jump scares coming from zombies, monster and anything else it can think of. Its most favorable element was the zombies, which gave the movie its most intense scenes (if only there could have been more of that).


Welcome back to Raccoon City, which now has little to no resemblance to its earlier depictions in the previous films. Milla Jovovich has single handedly carried this franchise making RE: The Final Chapater the 6th film in the series. These movies might be the most successful video game movie adaptations to date, that started back in 2002! Which one can argue has beaten the video game movie curse, with 6 movies over the course of 14 years. Although that’s very impressive, it feels however, that this franchise has now finally run its course. With less and less positive fan reactions, it seems very appropriate that they made this “The Final Chapter”! Or have they?…

SCORE:               5/10