Kenny Wells comes from a family of Prospectors who is in search of Gold, and a lucky break. After hitting an all time low he teams up with a geologist who is equally eager to find that elusive mineral. Desperate to find gold, they set off on a journey in the uncharted Jungle of Indonesia. (Inspired by true events)


Matthew McConaughey is a solid actor who always gives a solid performance no matter what he’s in. In Gold, he takes that one step further by really digging deep into this character. Although there are no stand out performances from its supporting cast members, like that of Edgar Ramirez (Michael Acosta) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Kay), there presence carry just enough weight to be noticeable. Given the source material here, director Stephan Gaghan does a fairly decent job with the tone of the film and staying on track throughout. The story itself however falls into that turtle speed setting and never really finds its legs, even at its most climatic moments. This, to me, along with a unnecessary lengthy run time, was the films major hindrance!


Working in the mining industry myself is one of the two reasons I stayed invested in the film. The other reason, the more important reason, was Matthew McConaughey! His performance here reminded me of Christian Bale’s performance in 2013’s “American Hustle”, except Gold, unlike American Hustle, goes without the Oscar worthy performances from its ensemble supporting cast. Also, the setting of Gold and its involvement with the stock exchange reminded me of 2013’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”, except Gold, unlike Wolf Of Wall Street, goes without any of the excitement and fun! The story, slow and steady as she goes, is inspired by true events and might have the quality of a reflective Indie film, unfortunately Gold has little else. Leaving Matthew McConaughey’s strong intimate performance all alone in a very forgettable film.

SCORE:                3/10