Two brothers with a plan to make some quick cash find themselves on the other side of the law. With good intensions to save the family land there plans are complicated when a old veteran Texas Sheriff, with an itch to prove he’s still got it in him, is on there trail. But these brothers are determined to see this plan through, come hell or high water!


Director David Mackenzie takes a simple story and manages to craft something special, using smart dialogue and good character development. He also pulls you into the film by creating a gritty setting of dirt roads and the back Highways of West Texas. The film has a sense of realism with the portrayal of its West Texas residents, and its that same portrayal that gives the film its subtle humor. Although there’s light humor sprinkled throughout the film director David Mackenzie never loses sight of the stories dark tone. The performances are another good reason the movie keeps its gritty tone, Chris Pine (Toby Howard) and Ben Foster (Tanner Howard) are simply great here, delivering strong performances. What surprised me most was Jeff Bridges (Marcus Hamilton) and Gil Birmingham (Alberto Parker), having less screen time but still pulling off powerful roles!


This is a modern day western! A dialogue driven film that relies more on strong dialogue then its action scenes. The chemistry (or lack of) between Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham was a delight! I just couldn’t get enough of the banter between the two. With an intense 3rd act this film has a ending that doesn’t disappoint. The words exchanged between two characters at the very end  is what true cinema is all about!

SCORE:                 9/10