Bailey is trying to find out what his purpose in life is. After having being saved by a family his quest begins. But it takes a few owners, and several lifetimes later, he finds that he might finally have the answer.


Directed by Lasse Hallstrom this film has a steady pace and a simple yet unique story. Its moderate cast seems insignificant as there are no great performances that stand out. Dennis Quaid (Adult Ethan) gives the film its best emotional moments with solid acting and Josh Gad (voicing Bailey) gives the film it’s charm. However most of the humor falls short and not much else can be said about any other aspects of the film as the entire movie seems to quietly go under the radar.


This is a family film that might not keep the attention of kids and definitely bore the parents (for most). Also the controversy the film got over the behind the scenes leaked footage of a scared dog being forced into turbulent waters makes it hard to watch. The story itself has a strange premise, leaving you sadly wondering, “is that really a dogs purpose”?…

SCORE:           3/10