Lockhart, a young executive, is sent to a remote location in the Swiss Alps to retrieve a CEO from a “wellness center”. Upon arrival he begins to suspect not all is what it seems at this exotic Spa center. After a car accident his stay is delayed and soon finds himself deep in the mystery of the Spa’s miraculous treatments. Treatments that push the boundaries of his sanity as he struggles from going mad with every passing minute.


Dane DeHaan as Lockhart was the perfect casting choice for the film. He sells every scene he’s in with emotion giving a strong solid performance. With an unfamiliar supporting cast the acting is surprisingly solid and is nothing short of a well acted thriller in the drama genre. Director Gore Verbinski sets up a very dark tone for the films derivative story yet creates a very atmospheric setting with stunning visuals. The first half of the movie is well paced but begins to fall victim to the cliché of these types of stories we’ve seen all too many times.


This film is filled with stunning visuals, some of which are bizarre and grotesque. This, strangely enough, is what gives the film its intrigue and creepy dark tone. With a similar tone to that of 2010’s movie “Shutter Island”, A Cure for Wellness really starts out strong! Unfortunately its imitative story completely falls apart by movies end. Atop of that there’s a strong sexual scenes that does not serve the story, leaving the audience feeling uneasy in an awkward way! By the 3rd and final act you literally feel like your watching a totally different movie. A solid psychological thriller start with a almost comical ending!

                 SCORE:            4/10