When Chris visits his Caucasian girlfriends estate he’s nervous about making a good first impression. After a short time there he begins to suspect not all is what it seems when strange things begin to occur. He soon realizes that there’s much more to be nervous about when he starts to see mysterious behavior. Will he figure it out in time, or will it be too late to Get Out!


This is director Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, and what a way to start! He does a great job pulling the audience in with solid character development and good storytelling. Speaking of the story, this was a fresh new idea and take on the horror genre. Playing out more like a suspense thriller the story has a nice slow burn mystery feel to it. The film did have some humor moments that I did not care for but given director Jordan Peele’s comedy background, it was something I was anticipating. Although there are no big A-list names in the casting, lead man Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) carried this film with a stellar performance! The supporting cast like that of Allison Williams (Rose) also played off Daniel Kaluuya well, but it was Daniel’s who really sold the film. Both Peele and Kaluuya impressed me and left me anticipating there next projects!


There was something special about Get Out. Whether it was Daniel Kaluuya’s performance or Peele’s directorial style, or possibly the originality of the story, there was something special. Maybe it was a mixture of the three that gave it that special “movie magic” as they say. Also, the film captures realism through simplistic storytelling giving its viewers that awkward feeling of “trying to fit in”, all while slowly building to its climax. For a film that has a first time director and a original story, this is a very solid movie! Had it not been for some bad comedic moments that took me out of the film, Get Out would have gotten a perfect score.

SCORE:               8/10