When Diana was young she yearned to be a Amazon Warrior, and against her mothers wishes, feels destined to do so. But when a pilot crashes off the shores of Themyscira, Diana’s homeland, and tells of conflict in the outside world she again feels destined to help. She leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny!


Wonder Woman is an origin story that’s well paced and “wonderfully” executed. Director Patty Jenkins took what seemed to be an impossible task of making a female lead superhero movie, under enormous amounts of pressure from fans and studio executives, and hit a Home Run! This film is nicely directed and beautifully shot with dark background tones and wonder woman’s bright colors. Well choreographed action scenes along with great set pieces that really take you back, whether in the world of Themyscira or the World War 1 era. Not only is the directing great but the performances from its two main leads is amazing, with a chemistry between them that seems to come naturally. Gal Gadot brings everything to the table here as Wonder Woman and leaves nothing out. Supporting actor Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) also gives a solid performance and goes together with Gadot like “two peas in a pod”!


My biggest fear going into this movie was Gal Gadot’s acting ability, and boy was I pleased to see she nailed it! This movie would not have worked if not for the excellent portrayal of one of the most iconic female superheroes of all time, so yeah, thank you Gal Gadot! The connection to the larger DC universe was subtle and nicely handled, never detracting from the main story. My only problem with the film is in its villains, two of which are never fully explained while the third larger villain seemed underwhelming. Never the less these are small complaints to a otherwise flawless film! When you walk out of a movie feeling that it was short and later find out it had a 2hr 21min run time, that’s a solid indication you just watched a very fun movie. And like I said on Twitter, Wonder Woman brings the excitement back to the DCEU!

Score:                  9/10