When Marvel created its shared movie universe with Ironman back in 2008, it also created a popular trend in the movie industry. Now several studios have started there own shared universe, like WarnerBros/DC and there superhero line up. The big monster universe which will give us King Kong vs. Godzilla, set to hit theaters in 2020. Not to be forgotten is Universal and there classical monsters, which is starting in about 5 days with The Mummy on June 9th, also heading for a monster mash-up of its own! Now M. Night Shyamalan is getting in the ring himself, the connected cinematic universe ring that is! Split hit theaters earlier this year and with its reveal ending, it let us know its part of another movie world, 2000’s Unbreakable world. But here’s why M. Night’s universe is different and why it has me personally excited for it. To explain this, lets start from the beginning.


Unbreakable:  (2000)

This movie introduces us to the hero and the villain of this world. A “superhero” world unlike any other we’ve seen, in that its grounded in realism. The hero, David Dunn (Bruce Willis), is your average guy who at first has no clue of his “abilities”, a strength so remarkable one can only consider it a phenomenon! Although he seems “unbreakable”, as the title suggest, he does have weaknesses. These abilities and weaknesses are brought to his attention by one Mr. Glass…


Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) or Mr. Glass as you’ll come to know him, is probably one of the most fascinating villains of all time! Born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare disease that make his bones easily susceptible to breaks and fractures, turns out to also be the reason for Mr. Glass evil ways. Although this disease renders him physically weak and fragile (hence the name Mr. Glass), he relies on his intelligence and a strong belief in superheroes to cope. A superhero belief embedded into him as a young child through comic books that were introduced to him by his mother. Ironically its this belief, accompanied with his disease, that spawn him into a evil mastermind! Which now brings us to the new characters of this world introduced in Split.


James McAvoy playes 24 different characters in Split, as his character has a multiple personality disorder. But one key character here, or one key personality if you will, is that of The Beast. Another fascinating villain here who is literally multi-layerd and comes with some strong belief’s of his own. Believing that he has to protect the broken (people who have been hurt or damaged by others or society) he convinces a few of his other personalities to help him “cleanse” the world. This is why he does not hurt Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy), after seeing her scars he realizes she is part of the “broken”. Casey Cooke then goes back to her abusive Uncle John by movies end with The Beast now in hiding and on the run. Its here where we also see David Dunn in a small café listening to the news reports of the whole incident and the connection to Split and Unbreakable is made. This is where my excitement comes in! The possibilities here are endless with these two realistic worlds. lets see what we know so far and throw in some opinions of what’s to come while we’re at it!


Shortly after the release of Split M. Night Shyamalan revealed via Twitter that a sequel to Unbreakable/Split, titled “Glass”, is coming Jan 19, 2019. I am very excited to see where he takes this! So is David Dunn gonna try and save Casey from her disgusting Uncle John, or confront a new dangerous villain in The Beast? Or is Mr. Glass, being the genius that he is, gonna somehow trick or recruit The Beast into killing David?!!! Will Casey Cooke team up with David and help stop both Glass and the Beast? How about this; After David kills the Beast he teams up with Casey to save her from her Uncle, and in return she helps David defeat Mr. Glass only to betray David at the end believing that the Beast was right in “protecting the broken”! After all this is M. Night Shyamalan we’re talking about here. As I said before, the possibilities are endless and I for one can not wait! If Glass comes out in 2019 it will be a trilogy 19 years in the making. Giving M. Night Shyamalan plenty of time to give us one hell of a twist! Until then