Protecting historical artifacts former U.S. Officer, now turned soldier-of-fortune, Nick Morton accidentally uncovers  an ancient evil. Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess is awakened. Bringing with her malevolence grown over a millennia, and terror that defy human comprehension. Nick Morton now finds himself in a “new world of gods and monsters”!


The Mummy has a small yet impressive cast lead by none other then Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise (Nick Morton) seemed to play himself here but it worked on a likable character level. Supporting actress Annabelle Wallis (Jenny Halsey) pulled her weight next to Cruise and met him stride for stride. They had good chemistry together although there relationship seemed to be a bit underdeveloped. Russell Crowe (Dr. Henry Jekyll) was great and even though he doesn’t get much screen time we get more then just a taste of his character in this dark universe! Jake Johnson (Chris Vail) also brought a light hearted humor to the film that played off Tom Cruise well. Sofia Boutella (Ahmanet/The Mummy) pulled off her role in creepy fashion, with her foxlike features, sharply defined facial bones and intense eye’s (double pupils or single), this was perfect casting. There was not much depth to the story but with this movie being connected to a bigger monster universe it had me guessing where it was going by the 3rd and final act of the film.


It has been 85 years since the 1932 original Mummy movie and 16 years since the Brendan Fraser 1999 remake. This new reboot favor’s more the 1999 remake, in that its action centric. With that being said, this new version comes heavier with the horror, even more so then the original (which isn’t all that scary) and the remake put together. But this Mummy really does give us the best of both worlds, that of the horror genre and the action genre! Whether it be the breath taking action of the Zero-G airplane scene or the intense and creepy under water scene, this film delivers! Another cool thing about this movie is the easter-eggs spread throughout the film, from the references of other classical monsters to the easter-egg of the 1999 Mummy  movie (don’t blink or you’ll miss it). One cool reference in particular was the homage it pays to the 1981 film “An American Werewolf in London”, which some critics are calling a ripoff. This by no means is a ripoff, for it is undeniably straight forward and part of the monster movie world. Speaking of critics, this film is getting panned by critics who obviously don’t get what Universal is trying to do here. Saying things like, “This movie doesn’t know what it wants to be” and “They take away from the mummy story to set up there connected monster universe”. One critic went as far as to say, “It’s corporate molestation”! In my opinion, and hopefully this aint too hypocritical of me (being a critic myself  *sort of*), but this film doesn’t deserve such bad word of mouth. This movie is the direct definition of a “Fun Popcorn Flick”! And with the whole Dark Universe that Universal is trying to create, why wouldn’t they mention any of there other classical monsters?!!! I think its ok for them to have confidence in there project. I really enjoyed The Mummy and I would totally recommend it. I walked out of this movie even more excited for what’s to come from there Dark Universe franchise! And I plan to have the whole Dark Universe monster movie collection on Blu-ray, or am I being too “hubris”? (Yeah you know who I’m talking to)!

SCORE:                    8/10